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New finance products are entering the market every week, so now, more than ever, we have a solution for most situations.

We have access to - Major banks, Non-Banks, Credit unions, Private Funders, car and equipment finance, commercial Finance.

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When it comes to service, speed and integrity, there's only one company you need to remember and that's RedCap Finance Brokers.

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Get The Funding You Need For You Business TODAY!

Get The Funding You Need For Your Business TODAY!

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Trusted by thousands of Australian small businesses since 2004.

Free to apply, no obligation, no financial statements required.

All you need is: 


 Real Estate Security 


 An Exit Strategy

       (how you will repay the loan)

  A Beneficial Business Purpose


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Using the services of a mortgage broker is a smart way to go!

  • We provide real choice, looking to find you the right deal
  • We work with multiple lenders, keeping competition alive
  • We may negotiate a better outcome
  • We help at a time and place that suits you
  • We do the legwork for you

Do you need help finding the right loan for your situation?

When researching home loans and finance lending products, especially when you are considering investing in a property (or 2 or 3), it is important to make sure that you not only have the lowest available interest rate product (that is suitable for your situation) that you can get, but also have a loan product with the correct loan features for your current (& future) needs.

Just fill in a few details below and RedCap Finance Brokers will arrange for a local EZFinance Consultant to contact you and work out what features or types of loans are not unsuitable for your needs. We'll even assist you with completing the paperwork.

BONUS: All our EZFinance professional consultant appointments are FREE & you have no obligation to continue to lodge an application with an identified suitable lender.

We know that it can be confusing to know whether you should get a variable rate or fixed rate mortgage, and exactly what loan product features are really important.

That's why it's important to not only check the interest rates offered, but it is VITALLY IMPORTANT that you and your consultant make sure that you're getting the right features in your home loan. 

All EZFinance consultants are trained to help you - make choosing the right home loan for your situation - EZ!

Business & Residential Mortgage

We work with You to Indentify Solutions for your individual Needs.

Longer Term Secured Loans for any business purpose  |  Construction & Development Funding  |  Commercial & Residential Property Purchase & Re-Finance   |  Full Documentation (2 years tax returns or PAYG)  |   Low-Doc (Several income verification options)  |   No-Doc & Commercial Purposes Only  |

 For information on Business and Residential Loans contact:


Home Loans, Business Loans, SMSF Loans, Personal Loans

Which type of loan is right for you?


How long would it take you to search literally 100’s of loans from over 80 different Lenders?

We can do it in Minutes! Let us do the hard work for you. With our unique Finance software platform, our Lending Managers will search hundreds of loans from our panel of lenders to find the one that’s right for you.

Standard Variable Loan

Most Banks and Lending Institutions have a Standard Variable Loan. This type of loan is the most common as retailed or advertised by the Banks and normally consists of all the features and benefits associated with a variable loan in today's market. (some features and benefits might be : Redraw Facility, Offset account, Portability, ability to split the loan ) Most Banks also offer a cheaper version of this loan, but they may have more restrictions and less features or Benefits, however, the cheaper interest rate also reflects this.

Introductory/ Basic Variable loans

Similar to the Standard Variable loan above, however, these loans normally have a cheaper/ Lower interest Rate. Terms and conditions also vary depending upon the Bank, for example, there may be an early exit fee to get out of this loan in the short term. Being a "Basic" loan, as the title suggests, you would not get all the features and benefits of the Standard Variable Loan, but then, you are not paying for them either!

Introductory Fixed Loan

This is a fixed loan which, as an "Introductory Offer" by the Bank, has a cheaper Interest Rate, for the first year. (or other specific Term) There may be other specific Terms and conditions associated with this loan (especially in regards to early pay out of the Loan), and these will need to be weighed up when considering this Loan. (also refer to fixed Loan criteria's below)

Fixed Loans, 1 to 10 Years

You are able to fix a loan at a specific Interest rate (as offered by the Bank) for between 1 to 10 years. Normally, the longer the term, the higher the interest rate. Once you "Fix" a loan, you have signed a contract to Fix the loan for that period, therefore, because it is a contract, you may be charged a fee to get out of that contract. During the fixed contract period, you may also be limited as to what you can do with your loan because as it is "fixed", you can't change or alter the loan in any way without attracting a fee or penalty. Please carefully read the loan criteria before signing up for this loan to determine if it suits your requirements. One reason why someone would like this loan concept, is that they will know exactly what they will be paying every month for the next (say) 5 years, which is good for budgeting or for people who don't like to take risks with the variable rate rollercoaster.

Line Of Credit

Simply, this type of loan is easily described as having a large credit card. You are given a limit at which you can borrow up to for any reason you wish. You can withdraw money and credit money back into the account whenever you like. As an example, Self Employed people may find this type of loan valuable to have access to funds whenever they need them, then credit the funds back when they are able. As interest is calculated on a daily basis, this loan also works particularly well for people who budget well and all their income might go directly into the loan (bringing the Principal and interest down on a daily/ weekly basis) whilst they live off a credit card (say 55 days interest free) which is cleared monthly by the loan. This is very effective if used correctly, in getting the loan reduced faster than any other loan. As with all loans, you will need to read the Banks Loan criteria carefully before signing up for this revolving facility.

Lo-Doc Loan

Many self employed people or people who are not able to verify their recent income for a variety of reasons now have access to a variety of great competitively priced home or commercial Lo-Doc loans, where minimal income verification is required. The major banks do not have an appetite for these types of loans, as they prefer the low risk, fully verified customers. Speak with our Lo-Doc loan specialists today and you might be surprised as to what we can do for you. The finance market continually changes, to the extent whereby you might be able to get a loan today that was impossible to achieve a year ago.

Bad Credit Loans

Sometimes, bad things can happen and you might find that a credit default appears on your credit file.This could even happen with out your knowledge, causing your next finance application to get declined! RedCap Finance Brokers can check this for you in advance, so that you can confidently apply for the right loan. If you do have a credit problem, don't despair as we may have a variety of solutions which could help you to get the finance you need. 

Your needs and situation are like no one else’s.

A home loan deal that saves your neighbour money might not be the most appropriate deal for you. That’s why our Finance software platform comparison tool and the experience of our Lending specialists really make a difference.

Our Lending specialists will identify your specific borrowing requirements, then use our Finance software platform to compare hundreds of home loans against those requirements. An hour with a RedCap Finance Brokers' Lending specialist could save you thousands of $$ in the long run.

From the moment you choose a mortgage, your RedCap Finance Brokers' Lending specialist will walk you through the entire home loan process, from application to settlement and beyond. They’ll also show you where to sign and explain exactly what you’re signing.

When you work out which is the best loan for you, all you need then is to find the right bank or Lender which has the best interest rate, lowest fees, convenient locations with perhaps internet access! The list goes on, but that is where we can help you through the maze, - quickly and easily.

RedCap Finance Brokers' Lending specialists can assist you either face to face (where possible) or by phone and email. It is also becoming more and more popular to complete a finance application online and have it approved promptly thru our Finance software platform.

Under the new National Consumer Credit Protection act any loan that is predominately used for residential or personal use will be assessed as a coded loan. This applies to investment and owner occupied properties. The EXCEPTION to this rule is if the borrower is a Company / Trust

Essentially, what this means is that in all cases the Bank/funder and our Lending specialist will now be required by law to be comfortable that the borrower can service any debt that you apply for.


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