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The Team at U1st Realty will help you build a property portfolio in line with your long term life goals.

We will teach you how to Invest To Be Free Through A Properly Structured Property Ownership Plan!
   We Source & Supply Affordable Quality Reliable Property Investments for You.
     We Source & Supply Proper Financial & Legal Ownership Structures to maximise your ROI.

Buying property is exciting, BUT it is also a major financial commitment with little room for error without triggering a potential major financial cost.  The right professional property advice can help ensure your journey is rewarding and most importantly, assists you from making an expensive mistake.

What We Do Best
U1st Realty is an experienced and enthusiastic team of property professionals who assist Property Owners to source and buy quality family homes and investment properties.
Our aim is to create the opportunity for our clients to secure their financial future through the acquisition of quality investment property/ies.  Purchasing an investment property is very different from buying a home to live in.  There are so many different factors to consider. That is why it is important to deal with an experienced team when considering property investment.  We also understand that each client's requirements will be different, that is why our service is focused on you and your requirements.

Let us do the work for you and save you precious time. 
We have sophisticated software that allows us to locate a property that meets your specific goals.

What we look for when we source properties for our clients:
     - High infrastructure areas that create JOBS
     - High employment opportunities means POPULATION GROWTH
     - Growth in population leads to housing shortage and STRONG DEMAND
     - Demand for property ensures good RENT RETURNS and POTENTIAL GROWTH

We have access to a substantial network of developers, builders, and stock suppliers to source new properties for our clients. These include existing homes, house and land packages, dual income property, townhouses, villas, and apartments.  We market off the plan stock in addition to existing and brand new already constructed or property suited to purchase in a Super Fund.  We concentrate mainly on new properties which have 100% tax depreciation schedules in place  (tax affective), and also which have been thoroughly scrutinised  as being prime for investment.

All the members of our team at U1st Realty are long term property investors themselves, so tap into our experience and expertise today.  
Prove for yourself our high level of customer service  we listen and then we act!
SO, What's holding you back from Investing today?

Don't Let FEAR - cause you to miss another awesome opportunity!
The best time to buy property was 20 Years ago, the second best time to buy is NOW!

Contact the Team at U1st Realty to get your investment working for you!



Buyers Agents throughout Australia deliver a very valuable service for their clients.  The pricing model has never changed – they charge the buyer, whether they be an investor or an owner-occupier.

At U1st Realty, we believe there is a better and fairer way to provide a property sourcing to investors, and to achieve this we provide our service for investors at no nett cost.  


Investors: to engage U1st Realty to find your perfect investment property, we charge all prospective investors a $1,650 (AUD) Engagement Fee. This engagement fee is fully refunded to you after the successful settlement of a property that we source for you - thereby our Service to INVESTORS is FREE to use when they use U1st Realty to source and arrange their successful property purchases.  

Owner Occupiers: to engage U1st Realty to find your perfect new home, we charge a reasonable fee for service based upon what is required and how long it takes. Please contact us for an obligation- free appointment to discuss how we can assist you find that perfect property.

Please contact us for a Free Buyers Agents Service Consultation to discuss how we can assist you today.

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